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Systime Solutions is a well-established company with advanced experience in using the Single Source Publishing method. With this method, we accommodate the traditional paper book and the digital world with our internetBooks. Single Source Publishing makes your book production faster and more efficient.

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MyAccount is a platform that offers teachers and students access to all their digital learning material in one place. The platform gives them the option to organise their personal library. On MyAccount, teachers can also create educational courses and share them with students.

Our internetBook is an interactive online book combining the best of the printed book and the digital world. The content of an internetBook can easily be updated and you can add various other elements, such as interactive exercises, videos, animations and much more.


BookCreator is a tool to bring your digital content to life in print. With BookCreator, you can create on-demand paper books and eBooks all based on content from your Single Source Publishing database.

With our assessment tool, sQuiz, you can create interactive tests and quizzes that blend seamlessly into your internetBook. This provides teachers with an online tool for evaluating students and improving their learning output, and gives the student the option to self-evaluate.

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We offer advice on the start-up process of moving from a traditional way of publishing to the Single Source Publishing approach, to ensure you undergo a smooth transition.


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